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It’s been 6 months since you and Sasuke have been going out. Today is the 2nd of august. Your birthday is after two days. You don’t even know if your friends and your own boyfriend know about your birthday but you’re not expecting anything coming from them. You’re turning eighteen this August 4. Oh my, you’re getting old. You were serving the customers of Ichiraku restaurant. Your shift was almost over and you saw Naruto and Sakura approaching from a distance.

“(name)!” Naruto hugged you from the back and you roughly patted his cheek. Sakura pulled Naruto off of you and smacked his head. The fox boy rubbed his head and sighed in annoyance.

“Hi Naruto, Sakura. What brings you here today?” You asked as the three of you entered the locker room.

Sakura and Naruto stared at each other.

“Nothing. We just want to ask you if you would like to join our dancing session tomorrow.” Sakura winked at you. You raised a confused eyebrow at her. Naruto was grinning from ear to ear.

I blinked three times. “Okay. For what?” the two of them cocked their eyebrows in a funny way.

“Just for fun!” Sakura raised her hands in the air just like a child. A sweat drop appeared above your head.

“Come on, (name)! Join us! Its acutally fun! They will even teach us on how to dance while wearing a blindfold! Isn’t that awesome?!” Naruto beamed and gripped your shoulders rocking you back and forth. You let out a weird chuckle.
With the look on their faces, you don’t even know what to say. These guys are total pushers. You sighed heavily and rubbed your temples.

“Alright, fine. As long as I don’t humiliate my self in front of so many people, ‘kay?” I glared at the two. Both of them jumped in the air like little kids who just got their prizes. To be honest, you love to dance. It’s your passion. Especially the fast waltz.

“Yatta! Come to this address and meet us before lunch okay? Since, its our school’s semester break.” Naruto handed you a piece of paper with the address written on it. You nodded and gave them a small smile.

“See you tomorrow, (name)!” both of them waved goodbye.

Finally, your shift was done. You saw Sasuke waiting for me outside. What a gentleman. You smiled and skidded towards him. Sasuke welcomed you by a quick peck on the lips and a tight embrace.

“(name), you’re so persistent.” You glared at him

“Am not.”

Sasuke chuckled and intertwined his fingers on yours while walking home. An awkward silence came over you. He decided to break that silence.

“So how was your day?”

You blinked. “The usual. You know Naruto and Sakura barged in the restaurant and they offered me to join their dancing sessions.” Sasuke smirked.

“Really? What for?” You shrugged.

“I don’t exactly know. Sakura told me that it was just for fun.” You explained. Sasuke gave you a slight nod in response. You rolled your (e/c) eyes at him.

“Want to sleep at my house?” Sasuke suddenly asked. Your eyes slightly widened. That question was totally out of the blue. Your cheeks slightly turned red. Sasuke stared at you like there was something on your face.

“What’s the matter, (name)-chan?” He emphasized the suffix. You glared at him while blushing.

“You do know that you’re blushing this much.” Sasuke pinched your cheeks.

“S-shut up.” ‘Why the hell am I stuttering?’ Sasuke smirked and placed an arm around your shoulder.

“So, what do you say?” He whispered and that tickled you.

“Ask my mom, perverted jerk.” you locked your gaze on the floor. But that didn’t last long because Sasuke lifted your chin so that he can stare directly at your eyes.

“I’ll go ask your mom.” your lips slightly parted. Then you rolled your eyes at him.

“Whatever. I bet she won’t even agree.” you stuck my tongue out on him. He smirked and playfully flicked your forehead.

“Perfect timing! I’m going to leave for tonight. Why don’t you sleep at their house just for tonight, honey?” your Mother asked. A small vein appeared on your forehead.

“Okaa-san, I can’t believe you.” your mother smirked at you.

“Oh don’t be such a kill joy honey! Come on. Pack your clothes then take your leave. I’ll be returning tomorrow in the afternoon, which means I won’t be able t make breakfast and lunch. Don’t forget to lock the door.” you sighed heavily and glanced at Sasuke who was now smirking in victory.

“Alright fine.” You scoffed and stormed upstairs and gathered some of your clothes.
After several moments, you hurriedly went downstairs and saw Sasuke drinking some tea and your mother nowhere to be found. You guessed she left already. Sasuke went to the kitchen and placed the now empty teacup. You clung into his arms as you both head towards the Uchiha mansion.

Once you’re already there, maids and butlers formed a straight line and greeted you.

“Good evening, Sasuke-sama and Ojou-sama.” They all said in sychronization. Ojou? Princess? What? You bit your lip and bowed your head.

“Why do they call me ‘ojou-sama’”? You muttered. Sasuke smirked and flicked your head.

“Because you are mine.” You blushed on what he said. Suddenly, Itachi appeared out of nowhere.

“Otouto, (name). Come join me for dinner.” Itachi smirked. Oh yeah, both of them were the only ones whom are living here. Their parents are in Kirigakure.

The three of you ate in peace and after that, Sasuke led you to his room. He closed the door behind you. You gulped. It’s actually your first time on sleeping in a boy’s house. You’re heart is racing so fast.

“I’m going to sleep on the floor.” You mumbled. Sasuke raised his eyebrow and in a blink of an eye, he was on top of you and both of you were lying on the bed. Sasuke stared at you with a serious look on his face. He leaned in closer and rested his head on your neck. You can feel his hot breath against your skin.

“You think I’ll let that happen?” The tip of his nose traced your throat making you whimper.

“N-no. let me go. I’m going to take a bath.” You blushed and Sasuke chuckled more like a cat’s purr. You swallowed heavily.

“Don’t worry. I wont do anything to you unless you want me to.”  He mumbled on your neck. Your eyes widened.

“Perverted jerk.” Sasuke smirked and got off of you. You took out your toiletries and went to the bathroom. You stripped off my clothes and took a nice warm bath. After several moments, You stretched your hand out of the shower curtain to reach for your towel only ending up on touching midair. ‘Shit.’ You forgot your towel. You sighed heavily and saw his towel. You don’t think he will mind you on using his towel for now. Sasuke was a bit surprised when he saw you came out of the bathroom with his own towel wrapped around your body.

“I see you’re using my towel.” Sasuke smirked. You rolled your eyes and blushed.

“I forgot to bring a towel okay? You don’t mind do you?” Sasuke shook his head. You were about to put on your underwear when you noticed that he was still there.

“What are you staring at? Get out, Sasuke.” You hissed. He smirked and shook his head in disapproval.
Suddenly, he pinned you on the wall.


“Why not?!”

Sasuke pressed his forehead against yours making you blush at the moment.

“Because you’re using my towel.” your lips slightly parted and you gently pushed him away from you.

“Let me change first and I’ll give you your towel.” you crossed your arms and he made his exit towards the bathroom. You quickly changed into your pajamas and brushed your hair.

“Sasuke, here’s your towel.” you can hear the water running behind the bathroom door.

“Place it here inside.” He ordered. You sighed and abruptly shook your head.

“Hell no!!” you yelled.

You heard him click his tongue.

“If you won’t place it here inside, I’ll personally get that from you.” You get his perverted point. You have no other choice.

“Here you go you perv—“

When you opened the bathroom door, he was there. Standing. Smirking. His body all wet. And the worst part was he had NO CLOTHES on. Your eyes widened and you blushed madly making your nose bleed in a funny way.

“Kyaaaaa! What the hell, Uchiha?!!” you shouted in a funny way.

Sasuke smirked and walked towards you. You backed away only ending up on leaning against the cold wall.

“Like what you see?” He teased. You bit your lip and glared at him. You don’t want to look down if you know what you mean.

“Hell no! Go away! At least put some towel around your body!!” you beamed while blushing. He chuckled and pecked your lips. Out of the blue, you accidentally licked your lips making his smirk even wider.

“What are you still doing here, (name)-chan? Don’t tell me you love the view?” Sasuke teased. you smacked his head and turned for the door slamming it on his face. You can’t believe that you saw him naked. As in, N-A-K-E-D. Your reputation is ruined! Your eyes aren’t considered virgin anymore! You can feel that Your cheeks were still burning. ‘To tell you the truth, he has a nice and sexy body, those abs and biceps and—what the fuck am I thinking? I’m not a pervert. I’m not a pervert!’ You mentally slapped yourself and you landed on the bed. Soon, You heard the bathroom door open, you cracked an eye open to see a shirtless Sasuke. You bit your lip and shook your head abruptly trying to avoid his gaze. Your heart is beating to fast. From the corner of your eye, you saw him and he started leaning. You backed away from him only resulting of you, falling off the bed. You were too dumbstruck on what’s going on.

“Gah!” You blabbered. Sasuke chuckled and cocked an eyebrow. You immediately stood up and sat on the bed again, avoiding his gaze. Sasuke tapped your shoulder and You cocked my head to his side while you were hugging your knees.

Sasuke tousled your hair.

“Hey! I just brushed that!” you pouted. He grabbed your wrist and pulled you closer to him as you both lay on the bed. His well-toned chest was exposed. You were fighting the urge on not to stare at his chest. You felt that Sasuke kissed the top of your head. You gritted your teeth together and forced  yourself to fall asleep.
Not my first fan fiction but here in deviant art, it is my first. Hope you like it!
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